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title management platform

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more then just title management
Title Management

At the heart of any publishing system is title management, the core database that drives your organization.

Author, Contributor Management

Each contact contains not just the basic address and email, but subject matter keywords, bio, subjects and social media information.

Asset Management

Digital assets like contracts, manuscripts, jacket images, and other documents can be attached to each title.

Editorial and Production Scheduling

Schedule templates can easily be assign to staff or a role. Users have personalized list of upcoming and overdue tasks.


Our interactive reports can provide you with a rich high-level experience and specific detailed information.

Pre-Title Management

Acquiring editors can track their ideas or books not ready to be titles. When you are ready, a pre-title can become a title with just a push of a button.

Personalized Dashboard

Every staff member can see all of their projects at a glance and know exactly what status they are in and when anything is due.


Users are automatically notified when vital information changes, authors download files sent to them, another user leaves a comment about a project, etc...

Communication Templates

Your press can easily and quickly send email templates that automatically incorporate over forty pieces of related information.


Contributors, Readers, Freelancers, Blurbers, Reviewers, etc.. can each be managed with a full history of communication in an easy to view timeline format.

Classification Manager

ean uses industry standards for classification like BISAC, but can also use any of your internal classifications.

Send Large Files

Any of your contributors or press staff can send large files to each other in a very easy to use system within ean. Send up to 5 GB files.

Messaging and Chat

Create internal discussions or threads with press staff all within ean.


Organize series information in one easy section. Manage series royalty rates and assign series editors.

Live Website

Pull website data live from ean. No more xml or metadata feeds to push and import. Data updated in ean is dislayed instantly on your website.

Custom Fields

Bypass expensive custom programming and add custom fields to many sections of ean. The flexibility caters to your publishing process.

Multiple Pricing Models

Under each format you can create several types of pricing models. (ie. retail, library, educational, etc..)

Custom Filter Groups

Organize your titles by using an advanced filter and saving them as a group for reuse in other sections of ean.

more than just software
about ean
who we are

We are the result of award winning design + award winning developement with years of publishing expereince in the scholary community. We pride our publishing history as much as our technical prowess.

Our </inside> Story

Our story starts from an inside perspective. As an associate director at a major university press I organzied countless demos of the industries best title managment systems. Over the years we saw a plethera of sales pitches but we walked away from every expereince with the same conclusion. Each was more complicated then the next and required more of our resources and staff to maintain then seemed feasibility possible for a mid size univerisity press. The press really needed an easy to use system that could be adopted quickly and not overly burden their budget and their existing publishing processes. Without many available options, ean slowly grew from an idea shared with like minded friends into a well mapped out solution. Eventually ean became a flexible easy to use title management solution that any university press could adopt.

Title Management Platform

Drop us a line if you’d like a demo

We would love to hear about your press